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“The Mexican Emo Wars”

Groups of young people known as emos, due to their choice of music and dress, have recently become the target of harassment in Mexican cities. Pegged as “androgenous suicidial misfits” in their black eye-liner and tight jeans, members of the group face homophobic slurs as well as criticism for their supposed “lack of ideology.” Hundreds of riot police have been deployed to protect them.

poor emos. having to be protected by the very same society that leads them to slash their arms with a razor every night while listening to my chemical romance. you just know they must come from the upper echelons of mexican society. no way would that kind of concern be shown towards impoverished youth living in drug infested and crime-ridden barrios. and no way do poor folk have the money nor time to invest in a trend that masquerades as an alternative to oppressive mainstream forces. with their bad-ass black nikes and ebony-colored maybelline eyeliner, the emo revolution will not only be televised but it will be ushered in by the state police…

emo sucks

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