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Unity Wanted

The independent state of Kosovo is born! Just ten years ago, the conflict in former Yugoslavia intensified as ethnic Albanians of current Kosovo suffered 10,000 casualties at the hands of Serbia and its former war-criminal leader Slobodan Milosevic. And on 17 February 2008 Kosovo officially broke away from that same Serbia. Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi’s decision to declare independence may have been a historical moment, but it doesn’t come without controversy and immense tensions.

Serbia, Russia, Spain and other a few other nations refuse to recognize Kosovo’s independence and are challenging the legalities of the unilateral decision. Although the European Union and the United States, as well as other nations, officially recognized Kosovo as an independent state almost immediately, it is the Muslim nations that need to step up.

Kosovo’s independence can be viewed as a victory for the Muslim World overcoming an occupation, however, not unless Muslim nations immediately ally with Kosovo and offer absolute support for the young nation. Kosovo will need political support to help fend off calls from Serbia and Russia who are trying to nullify the independence; financial support to help transition the once province into a complete nation; generous trade agreements to build its economy; and any military assistance needed if Serbia reacts violently.

Hopes for unification from the Muslim World may have already been damaged by Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan who both declared they will not recognize Kosovo as an independent nation. However, their significance is rather small and it is obvious their decision comes because of pressure from Russia. The rest of the Muslim World should officially accept Kosovo as an independent nation and see this historical event as a rare opportunity for the Muslim leaders to prove to their citizens and the rest of the world that they do care for their people.

Currently, Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, Iraq, and Afghanistan are all under some form of foreign occupation. Kosovo may play as the first domino bringing the rest of the Muslim lands into the free world.

-Ehab Z.


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