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My response to Enlightenment post, which was a response to my response to his response to my response to…umm yea…

Majority of the government are NOT made up of clergy. And some of the harshest critics of the government are clergy. So your conclusion here is somewhat unfounded.

if we cant even agree that Iran is a theocracy, there’s no point in having a discussion. whether shias disagree with the statement that iran represents shi’ism is besides the point…sticking to facts, it is the only shia state with a majority shia population, ruled by a shia government. so when i criticize iran’s politics it’s fair to say that i’m criticizing a shia state, just like when i criticize saudi, its fair to say that im criticizing a sunni state.

the guardian council is charged with interpreting the constitution AND vetting candidates. all legislation has to be approved by the gc…and candidates have been disqualified by the gc on the basis of their perceived religiousosity. the supreme leader, who appoints members of the gc with the help of the chief judge (whom he also chooses), has the last word on all powerful posts, is in charge of defense, media, appoints the head of the judiciary, and handles foreign affairs…criticizing government can and has been equated with apostasy in iran…how is it the case that government and clergy are not one and the same?

Can you tell me who this “one guy” is? What are his qualifications? Furthermore, can you tell me how he was appointed? By whom?

the qualifications of the supreme leader are also besides the point..obviously he’s an ayatollah. for such a self correcting system, there are an awful lot of unaddressed issues such as the lack of freedom of expression…reformists are routinely censored by their government…they’ve shut down critical media…iran has behaved like any other oppressive government. how many activists have been placed under house arrest? what about those who have been given death sentences for speaking out against government?

Look, there is no perfect system out there. We are all trying our best to be just and fair. Iran has issues, as does all other governments.

Of course there isn’t a perfect system, but people shouldn’t have to settle for the status quo because of it. im especially tired of this mentality that the muslim world isnt capable of anything better, because essentially thats saying they are undeserving of the kinds of freedoms and opportunities people in the West have. it’s like when i hear ignorant arabs justify saddam’s rule by claiming that the iraqi people could only be ruled with an iron fist. not that i’m equating saddam with iran, but i just simply refuse to believe in this idea that people have to settle for something because it’s the best they have going for them…

However, I don’t think its fair to lump the Islamic Republic with the corrupt Arab regimes. Let us be fair. The literacy, democracy, education, advancement, spiritual development, and so forth that is produced in Iran is unmatched in the Arab world.

I agree completely.


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Response to Response to “Reformation Post”

so i’m writing this in response to a blogger’s post, which was a response to my previous post on questions of Sunni leadership and authority…

(SEE: Response to “Reformation” Post)

I don’t believe Iran = Shia anymore than I believe Saudi or other Arab regimes are legitimate representatives of Sunni Islam. I’m well aware of how far back Shia Islam stretches and how widespread the communities are, but my criticism had to do with Ali’s suggestion that the problem (of ignorance and corruption that is induced by a dysfunctional religious authority) is limited to the Sunni world. Iran physically and symbolically represents Shias all over (I don’t care what California’s Shias believe) and has a majority Shia population. Its government and laws are based on the Jaffari school of thought…the relationship between clergy and government is especially prominent in Iran because they are one and the same. So it’s fair to say that this distinctly Shia part of the world is not immune from corruption that results from political and religious entanglement. It’s just a different sort.

The stagnation I mentioned is in the greater society…in terms of poverty and restrictions on personal freedoms. Regarding the makeup of the Guardian Council, the six religious jurists are chosen by the Supreme Leader and the six secular jurists are chosen by the majlis, whose members in turn are nominated by the head jurist, who in turn is selected by the…

So in the end we have a system that always circles back to one guy…within this narrow space though, there’s def a system of checks and balances that is lacking in Arab countries.

With that being said and keeping Iran aside, religious authority in the Shia world is based on a well developed process that produces a highly qualified clergy. Its spiritual leaders will generally not draw a following unless they have been vetted through this process. The reason the Sunni world has failed on these grounds is because for Shias, the system was developed overtime in response to the disappearance of the final Imam. The clergy are meant to be his representatives in the interim and not just any bearded old man can be entrusted with that responsibility. There is an active scholarship that occurs in the Shia world that is for the most part absent in the Sunni world.

So yes, props to Shias for having an organized and effective religious leadership that is actively engaged in scholarship. But as you noted in your post, Iran too has its problems and the symptoms its society suffers from don’t look altogether different from that of the Arab world minus the gaping spiritual black hole.

Power corrupts…always…

And aint nobody gonna censor your thoughts fool.

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Children’s Drawings

Rod Cox has initiated a cultural and educational exchange of children’s pictures between Gazan schoolchildren and schoolchildren in the U.K. Health authorities in Gaza say it is really important for children’s mental health that they maintain positive contact with the rest of the world and that this project will help them.

For more info:

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Victor Jara was an outspoken supporter of Salvador Allende’s populist politics and helped to get him elected president in 1970. Upon the coup of 1973 and General Augusto Pinochet’s grasp of power, Victor Jara was arrested, brought to the national stadium with thousands of others, and over three days was electrocuted, his hands broken, and finally shot to death on September 15, 1973. According to his wife, with broken hands he wrote his last poem on scraps of paper that were smuggled out of the stadium by survivors. The final words of which include:

“Silence and screams are the end of my song.”

Which begs the question: What would you do for the struggle of your people?



P.S. “El Derecho de Vivir en Paz” means “The Right to Live in Peace”

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Art by Ben Heine

Art by Ben Heine



Some say I’m only dreaming, putting meaning in peace meetings

That I believe in all these things that no one else is seeing.

and I feel my heart beating when I hear the voices pleading

scream in bitter agony like a two year old who’s teething


All these fantasies unhealthy like eating empty calories

And it’s hard to see possibilities when planes bomb factories,

Destroy economies and all the hopes inside of me.

All this shit is killing me like clogged pulmonary arteries


And I can’t separate myself from it, see this struggle’s a part of me.

So that explains the pain I’m feeling, why it’s so hard to breathe

And as I step in puddles of blood, my eyes grow watery

Subtly wipe the tears away, and request you to pardon me


‘Cause these constant calamities have made me complicit and compliant

Find myself falling to my knees when I used to stand defiant

It might be a thousand years before all these guns become silent

So I’ll stick to these dreams as a means to free me from the violence


It started before they reported disorder in 1948

Before they cornered three quarters of my people and forced’em to evacuate.

It’s evil.

How one people promised the land of a second people to a third people,

Spurned people to give birth to an absurd people,

a preferred people who transfer people.

Rape and murder people,

ignore world consensus and commit human rights offenses

then hide the evidence, building security fences

claiming self defense while massacring the defenseless.


So I’m patiently waiting for the creation of a sovereign nation

cuz a two-state negotiations is useless if it won’t end the occupation,

So I’m basically wasting my breath on deaf and dumb populations

the situation mishandled, so dismantled like Russian space stations


And I see them change the information to control the debate.

Say my peace is a dream, but it seems I’m the only one who’s awake.

I’m sorry if I’m mistaken, though this situation’s got my knees shakin

I can’t accept the feeling that this whole fuckin’ time.

I was only dreaming. 



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America’s Next Top Retard


God bless the streets of NYC. One day thousands will protests in the streets for civil rights, the next they’re being stampeded while trying to be on a reality TV program. 




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Everything is so amazing and nobody is happy

oh, this is too good…

“…Now we live in an amazing, amazing world and it’s wasted on the crappiest generation of just spoiled idiots. This is what people are like now…they’ve got their phones, and theyre like “ughh it wont turn…” Give it a second! Its going to space..can you give it a second to get back from space?…”

“I was on an airplane and there was internet on the’s the newest thing I know that exists…. then it breaks down..the guy next to me goes “pssh, this is bullshit!” Like how quickly the world owes him for something he knew existed only ten seconds ago…”

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