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The Invisible Muslims

the gays.

when are we going to start talking about them and their feelings? their unnatural, ungodly feelings?

they’re here. they’re not going anywhere…and many are muslim.

but like the many other secrets Muslims keep tucked away in the closet, it must not exist if we can’t see it or hear it. and there they remain in hiding, afraid and ashamed, oftentimes leading a double life that can lead them to trouble. finding that there is no place for them in our community, some end up seeking acceptance by turning to dangerous outlets.

we can keep pretending gay Muslims don’t exist but they’re only going to increase in number, especially as an increasing amount grow confident enough to speak up. living in a free country, that’s just inevitable. what will they have to say when they find their voice? will some react in the same manner Irshad Manji did, transforming resentment into self-hatred and jumping on any opportunity to engage with our community’s enemies? it seems the only muslims with an opinion on homosexuality are on stage casting their stones, making the rest of us moderate Muslims complicit in our silence.

maybe one of the things we should reflect on during this holy month is the ordeal of being gay in a Muslim community. many are practicing Muslims who feel as if their homosexuality is their burden to bare alone. i’m not sure where homosexuals stand in Islam and i admit i still grapple over the issue, but i have a hard time understanding the logic of condemning human beings who have no control over their sexuality. and i can’t imagine condemning or ostracizing another Muslim brother or sister for something that is not only out of their hands, but comes with much grief and confusion. there’s no way a sane person would choose to deal with all the inner and outer turmoil that comes with being gay, let alone a person who grows up in a Muslim community. if not now, eventually our silence will catch up to us and we will be forced to answer for ourselves.

this ramadan, please pray that God guide us always towards truth, compassion, and understanding in all matters, including this one.

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