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Terror Scarf sparks controversy

In one of her many ads for Dunkin Donuts, Rachel Ray wore a silk ‘keffiyah’ — a checkered black and white scarf commonly worn in certain Arab countries — while drinking an ice coffee latte. Michelle Malkin, the conservative hyper-blogger, quickly shunned the picture as an extremist fashion statement.

Michelle called Rachel Ray’s fashion choice ‘jihadi chic’ and ‘hate couture’. Let’s hope that Homeland security has a fashion police division.

Oh and if you’re wondering, Dunkin Donuts pulled the ad almost immediately.


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The Muslim Exception

On Friday, December 7, a man riding the Q train came to the aid of another man who was being verbally and physically assaulted by a group of 19 to 20 year olds.

What did the media think was the most important story here? The religious affiliations of the two men. Nearly every headline screamed “Muslim Saves Jew! **shock** Yes folks, they actually DON’T want to push all the Jews into the sea.” (Or as the Post put it, “Jews’ Subway Hero a Muslim.” The article then referred to Hassan Askari as “a modest Muslim from Bangladesh.” The editor then patted him on the head and repeated, “Good Muslim, good.” OK, ignore the last line. It’s a lie.)

Maybe they were pressed for a feel-good holiday story. Maybe they really don’t believe that a Muslim is humanly capable of coming to the aid of a Jew. Or maybe it’s just the usual media business of promoting offensive stereotypes of Muslims. Whatever it was, the mainstream media’s decision to hype up the incident wasn’t that surprising. But what was harder to digest was CAIR’s silly decision to host a pointless “appreciation dinner” on January 4 in honor of the Muslim exception who helped an actual Jew.

Rather than releasing some sort of statement that condemned mainstream media for choosing to highlight the faiths of the two men, CAIR instead played into the stereotype of Muslim hates Jew by deciding to host this event. The appreciation dinner only served to legitimize the ridiculously overblown media hype that ensued from the incident.

Especially ironic is the recent launching of a new CAIR campaign that aims “to help improve coverage of Islam in the American news media.” In a statement released by Ibrahim Hooper (CAIRs Director of Strategic Communications),

“The new initiative, called “Beyond Stereotypes: Enhancing Understanding of Islam in the Media,” aims to educate media professionals nationwide by supplying them copies of our newly published “American Muslims: A Journalist’s Guide to Understanding of Islam and Muslims.” This guide offers valuable tools reporters and editors need to gain a better understanding of Islam and to write accurate and balanced stories about Muslims.”

Hosting an appreciation dinner for someone who is only being considered a hero because he happened to be a Muslim helping a Jew, doesn’t seem to go along with the goal of promoting a balanced portrayal of Muslims. I can forgive you CAIR, only because you work hard everyday to defend my civil rights. Plus I’m sure you’re constantly inundated with attacks and criticisms from annoying people like me who can never be pleased.

However, hosting an appreciation dinner really was a bit much. The message it sent was hey Moozlims, if you want to prove your humanity to America, go help someone Jewish. Bonus points for getting a black eye in the process. <>

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