Response to Enlightenment Post: Iran

My response to Enlightenment post, which was a response to my response to his response to my response to…umm yea…

Majority of the government are NOT made up of clergy. And some of the harshest critics of the government are clergy. So your conclusion here is somewhat unfounded.

if we cant even agree that Iran is a theocracy, there’s no point in having a discussion. whether shias disagree with the statement that iran represents shi’ism is besides the point…sticking to facts, it is the only shia state with a majority shia population, ruled by a shia government. so when i criticize iran’s politics it’s fair to say that i’m criticizing a shia state, just like when i criticize saudi, its fair to say that im criticizing a sunni state.

the guardian council is charged with interpreting the constitution AND vetting candidates. all legislation has to be approved by the gc…and candidates have been disqualified by the gc on the basis of their perceived religiousosity. the supreme leader, who appoints members of the gc with the help of the chief judge (whom he also chooses), has the last word on all powerful posts, is in charge of defense, media, appoints the head of the judiciary, and handles foreign affairs…criticizing government can and has been equated with apostasy in iran…how is it the case that government and clergy are not one and the same?

Can you tell me who this “one guy” is? What are his qualifications? Furthermore, can you tell me how he was appointed? By whom?

the qualifications of the supreme leader are also besides the point..obviously he’s an ayatollah. for such a self correcting system, there are an awful lot of unaddressed issues such as the lack of freedom of expression…reformists are routinely censored by their government…they’ve shut down critical media…iran has behaved like any other oppressive government. how many activists have been placed under house arrest? what about those who have been given death sentences for speaking out against government?

Look, there is no perfect system out there. We are all trying our best to be just and fair. Iran has issues, as does all other governments.

Of course there isn’t a perfect system, but people shouldn’t have to settle for the status quo because of it. im especially tired of this mentality that the muslim world isnt capable of anything better, because essentially thats saying they are undeserving of the kinds of freedoms and opportunities people in the West have. it’s like when i hear ignorant arabs justify saddam’s rule by claiming that the iraqi people could only be ruled with an iron fist. not that i’m equating saddam with iran, but i just simply refuse to believe in this idea that people have to settle for something because it’s the best they have going for them…

However, I don’t think its fair to lump the Islamic Republic with the corrupt Arab regimes. Let us be fair. The literacy, democracy, education, advancement, spiritual development, and so forth that is produced in Iran is unmatched in the Arab world.

I agree completely.

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