I believe in miracles…I think


I’m going to be honest. I’ve been wavering on my support for Obama ever since he spoke at the AIPAC conference, and his support for Israel became more and more concrete. He is, after all a politician and I’m just scared that he’s going to disappoint. Maybe it’s so it’ll be easier for me to deal with if he doesn’t come through. I’m scared that someone who can gain such popularity among a group of conniving politicians so entrenched in BS can’t possibly be as noble as he seems. I’m scared that people will think that somehow one man can heal a nation; that all that’s required of a population is to fill out a ballot. That’s just the first step. Without us, one man can’t do anything. Without his people, Ghandi would be nothing. Without MLK’s marchers, he would be a footnote. But most of all, I’m scared that he actually is what he seems. And all it takes is someone with a gun to tear all of it down. In a world where we are bombarded with reality shows, we forget the reality around us, how permanent things are.
We invest so much in one man, and we expect miracles. But isn’t the ascendence of a black man to the White House a miracle itself?


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  1. aa1283 said

    what is it, 4 more days now?? what an exciting, historic election…happening in these historic, troubling times…i feel privileged just to be a witness to it all. obama is no prophet, but he’s no republican either. that’s enough for me. i think at this point, even the politicians are desperate for change. and you’re right, it’s not obama who has to pull through, it’s the american people. and in the past, we have. more specifically, as muslims become more entrenched in american culture, its inevitable that things will improve for us…even the general perception of israel is slowly changing…slowly but surely…the internet revolution, 9/11, iraq war, economic crisis, this particular election in which a woman and black man ran for office (an election in which the whole world is especially attuned to and wishes they could be a part of)…all of these things for better or worse have propelled us in a direction in which there’s no turning back from, and its up to us to exploit these times for a better tomorrow.

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