“The Mexican Emo Wars”

Groups of young people known as emos, due to their choice of music and dress, have recently become the target of harassment in Mexican cities. Pegged as “androgenous suicidial misfits” in their black eye-liner and tight jeans, members of the group face homophobic slurs as well as criticism for their supposed “lack of ideology.” Hundreds of riot police have been deployed to protect them.

poor emos. having to be protected by the very same society that leads them to slash their arms with a razor every night while listening to my chemical romance. you just know they must come from the upper echelons of mexican society. no way would that kind of concern be shown towards impoverished youth living in drug infested and crime-ridden barrios. and no way do poor folk have the money nor time to invest in a trend that masquerades as an alternative to oppressive mainstream forces. with their bad-ass black nikes and ebony-colored maybelline eyeliner, the emo revolution will not only be televised but it will be ushered in by the state police…

emo sucks


  1. thefossil said

    Oh my god! “Hidden is sooo hot!” Mexican Emos are so into the hijab.

  2. aa1283 said

    …Bada Bing!

    admit it, fossilman. you’re a closet-emo.

  3. thefossil said

    shut up! you dont understand me!!!!! none of you do!

  4. meep-crazy said

    who cares that we dont understand you……. your just another person in this dredfull world…

  5. aa1283 said

    i care meep. i also care for you. even though i’ve no clue who you are, i wish you happiness and love. hopefully, that makes this world less dreadful.

  6. Jory said

    I live in Mexico, and I’m not emo hater, but I do agree with this article. And you are kind of right that this emo kids here are from the middle-class. No way a poor person will take the money and time to dress, make-up, hair style whatever like this.
    A Recent update will be: That this called here ‘urban tribes’ (sounds funny doesn’t?) Punks, Goths and Emo’s made peace between them and agreed to stop this war (against emos by the way).

  7. Rachel said


  8. ojcomputer said

    No, I don’t live in mexico, but I am an emo hater, no matter what country they’re in.

    Admittedly, yes, I, myself am a little emo, occassionally.

    At those times, I hate myself.

    Not because that’s what emo people do – hate themselves – but because I am being emo.

    I am hating myself for acting emo and hating myself.

    stupid emos!!!

  9. thefossil said

    Thats an average of 1.2 “I” per sentence, and an average of 1 ‘hate’ per sentence. I would say on the whole there is a high correlation to hate and your ‘first person’. Sounds pretty emo to me :)

    Sorry. That was just calling out to me.

  10. thefossil said

    wh the frack cares about emos anyway?

    you just know they will go yuppie and grow up to be money chasing investment banker buffoons anyway.

  11. ojcomputer said

    Are you including the “myself” as a first person reflexive?

    told you I am occasionally emo.

    Glad you picked up on it.

  12. aa1283 said

    ocassional emo-ness is only human. no one is 100% confident all the time. it’s those who create a lifestyle out of it and worship self-deprecation and loathing that disturb me.

  13. thefossil said

    its just teen angst manifested through the desire to be apathetic and profound. its just hormones and bad parenting.

  14. thefossil said


    I think most of us fall into the same category as you. I think aa1283 is basically right. We are all emo, just most of us dont define ourselves in non-sensical reactionary terms. Well…some of us do I guess. But its non-ideal.

  15. ari-chan said


  16. Devi said

    Im an emo girl and i just cant understand, why you all hate emos. Ok, hate emos is a one thing, but why you just cant leave us alone, when we dont like to you anyway…

  17. jake. said

    okay yeah, emos are fags, and to Devi- you really need to think things through before you say them. they pretty much gave you the reason why they can’t leave you alone.

    but that is definitely not emo. that’s like… japanese goth fashion xDD

  18. jake said


    didn’t you read what they said or something? they clearly stated why they don’t like emos.

    you don’t actually have a proven answer back to anything anyone said so be quiet.

  19. bfmvrUle said

    ur a bunch of hypocrites.y cant u leave us alone.we dont do wat others want so u complain.anyway,mexico suks.

  20. ari-chan said

    JAKE IS A FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UR EVIL AND HAVE NO REALIZATION OF ANYTHING!!!!!!! UR PROBABLY AVERAGE AND STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO WHAT IF I STICK UP FOR MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? U GUYS ARE STUPID HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!! also the commentz above me is mean. mexico does not suck. if u dont like emos then keep that crap to urself!!!! emos are not stupid. were just different. i was mad in my last comment, too mad. i was blind with rage and not seeing the bull that i was typing. leave emos alone and i’ll leave the haters alone. until then quiver @ the name ari-chan.

  21. FJ said

    look I really don’t understand what the rage is all about , I mean people usually
    say that if you hate somebody avoid them and by that avoid the perverbial
    hisifit and tantrum so to all u emo haters out there leave the emos alone and they’ll leave you alone , and personally I have no problem with emos at all in fact I kinda like them , like they say ” don’t judge a book by it’s cover”


  22. FJ said

    and one more thing stereotypes don’t acctually help anybody!!!! they just make it even worse!!!

  23. ojcomputer said

    Personally I leave emo’s alone.
    I just judge them through the internet.
    People can do whatever they want, and I will judge them for it. The “emo” lifestyle is built upon self loathing for the sake of self loathing when in reality there’s really nothing for an emo to loathe. Maybe I’m wrong, but emo’s give off the impression that they take things for granted and don’t appreciate that which they have, and for that I express extreme annoyance.
    “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” isn’t entirely true for people. If people present themselves a certain way, they are going to be pigeon holed into those who present similar things. If a guy has a tattoo with a swastika, chances are he’s a Nazi. If a girl is walking around in a short mini-skirt, thigh high stockings, high heels and a ton of make up, she’s probably a slut. If I guy is wearing a suit, screaming into a cell about buying and selling, wearing sunglasses and driving a convertible, chances are he’s a dick. So I answer your idiom with another: if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck…it’s duck (or an emo in a duck suit).

  24. ari-chan said

    wat u said bout emos r not true. itz just another stereotype. i fight 4 emos everywhere and any other group.

  25. ferne :) said

    emo sucks :)
    your all skanks.
    go die.

  26. nlm2889 said

    I’m not sure I’ve ever met an ’emo’ person, although I have met a lot of people who want attention and gain it by acting overly depressed all the time. Then when it’s reinforced by people giving them attention they feel it’s okay to continue acting depressed. Maybe they really are depressed? I don’t really think so, I think depression is more of a state of mind and attitude rather than a valid problem. When doctors came out with the excuse that it’s an improper chemical balance they gave everyone an excuse to continue feeling sorry for themselves and an excuse to take more medications (placebo or not). Perhaps these ’emo haters’ are tired of the bullshit and want ’emo’ people to suck it up and deal with the problems in their lives in constructive, effective ways. Anyone agree?

  27. behind_clouds153 said

    ((Ferne :) Your a freak Your parents messed up so get over yourself!))

    Emo people are not just depressed show-offs! they live, they feel, they hurt. even then they might not hurt maybe they just like the fashion and music!

    So do yourselves a favour and build a bridge and get the bludy hell over it!
    your only embarassing yourself making false crap about them!

    Emo forever and ever! xXx

  28. ari-chan said

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMO POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W0OT W0OT!!!

  29. Emo Man said

    Emo’s Rule!!!

    whoever wrote this i hope they die. I am an 11 year old Emo and they are cool!!!

  30. punkchik said

    this artical is lame. & who needs sleeves?! what do sleeves have to do with being emo? preps wear sleevless shirts! besides, emos are hott, & anyone who says there not is a poser. p.s. RAINBOWS ROCK!!!!!!! anyone who says different is retarded. & not the cool retarded, where they’re all happy, the gay retarded where you crap yourself uncontrollably.

  31. punkchik said

    ok. i have emo friends. alot of them actually. some do cut, yes, but thats not their fault. they’re being raised in a world that supports drug abuse & early pregnancy. their parents abuse them, and they were never taught healthy ways to deal with emotion. I support them as much as i can, without being influenced by their irrational decisions, because they are only acting this way to make a statement. They prove every day that people reject the unusual. as most of you who have posted a comment also proved. that you “hate” emos because they are depressed, cutters, who are all homosexual or bisexual. I have no idea where any of those stereotypes came from. All of my “emo” friends are fun to be around, are some of the most loyal people i have ever met, and are NOT homosexual. by the way “gay” is a demeaning term. just thought i’d throw that out there. So anyway. i have been called emo because of who i hang out with, because of the kinds of music i listen to, and how i act when i’m upset! when i’m upset, i just keep to myself so i can figure out how to solve whatever issues i have. I also listen to Otep, Gwen Stacy, My Chemical Romance, etc. but i also listen to Rhiannah, Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown, and anyone else you could possibly hear on the radio.

    And those who support/have no problem with emos are right. if you leave them alone, they really just keep to themselves. I am tired of hating a specific group, who’s members i know nothing about just because of the clothes they wear, or the where they hang out. Everyone should learn to give eachother a chance before judging them, or learn to keep to themselves. and i don’t mean to sound hypocritical, because i have definately done the same things more than once or twice, but i know that now, and i’m standing by it.

    I hope this comment has helped some of you in some way, even if its the slightest change in your oppinion, as long as it made some sort of impression.

    thank you for your time.

  32. Dr. McChucklepants said

    Emo is a funny word… just saying it makes me laugh! EE-moe!!! HAHAHA =)

    I got nothin against emos… can’t really judge cuz i don’t know too many of them, so no disrespect from me (except for the above comment, if you found that offensive =] ).

    Dr. M.

  33. emo hater said

    I just hate emos they the scum of the earth i hate em.

  34. Katykiller said

    You guys need to stop with the emos. Leave them alone. Don’t judge. Not all emos cut! Why don’t you say shit about rappers, thugs, druggies, and all those other people. Why emos? What have they done to you? They are individuals like everyone else. They are not hurting anyone. If you guys have something against them then your just a retarded fag! Leave emo to be. Thats there style they chose it. Its none of your buisness!

  35. Hopie said

    shut up asses! emo rox, and no question about it. Emos are filled with EMOtions. they FEEEEL. and u bastards have no idea what it is to feel– unless you’re emo….
    emo style rox as well
    once you look at an emo, u know they’re awesome, cuz look at the styleee. i mean srsly. you can’t get any better looking.

    etc. etc.
    Nose, eyebrow, lip, etc. Piercing is a sign of awesomeness. i have a nose piercing myself, and i get nothing but compliments about it. so either be emo, or be a loser. Cuz emo will stay forever…………………….. well… if you don’t want to be emo.. ur not exactly a loser.. but like don’t make fun of emos .. cuz thats when you start becoming a loser




  36. kiki said

    being emo is when ur emotional u could dress normal and be emo , maby ar always happy
    aqlot of pple dont look it but they are
    or u could dress like emo ppl and have normal emotians
    like scene pp l
    like alot of ppl arnt emo they just look it


  37. halalmeat said

    Reading the thread of comments is really confusing me… perhaps someone can answer these questions (I really am just curious):

    1 – Emos comes from Emotional? So those who are not Emos don’t experience emotion? The rest of us don’t feel?

    2 – Do you have to dress and act a certain way to be Emo?

    3 – Is cutting oneself part of the emo package?

    4 – If Emos have self loathing why are they offended by others hating them?

  38. sofia said

    hmm pss en realidadd no tengo nada contra los “emos” pro akii en mexico0o0o0o aii muuu chisimoss emos q se visten con ropa cara o de marcaa io conoscoo a unos/as
    un diaa vii un video donde unos chavoss estavan matando a un emo!
    m y eso me disgusto mucho…!
    es mas los q parecen de la chunderia”” son los anti-emo!
    i know engliss but y dont really like too much to writee!! butt i still understanding all

  39. CeeCee said

    actually….emos happen to refer to the holes in their ears as GAGES not plugs. =/

    and uhmmm…….reebok sneakers suck.
    they wear hurley, converse and vans.
    and the girls wear flats.

    lebret is out!
    now its monroes and snake bites…..or one side of the lip
    i know my emo, lol

  40. ojcomputer said

    I find it funny how people feel the need to “rebel” against the norm, and to differentiate themselves from everyone else. But in doing so, they often find themselves simply conforming to a different lifestyle that a whole group of people have conformed to as well, thereby, ironically, losing the reason why they dressed that way, or acted that way in the first place.
    I’m not directing this at emo’s specifically, or even only teenagers. Everyone does it.
    Advertisers prey upon it. Every other car commercial tries to sell individuality, when in reality you’ll end up driving the same car as about 5 million other people. Then you gotta love the soft drink commercials, BE DIFFERENT, DRINK SPRITE, or whatever. so throw your individuality out the window, cuz it was sold a long time ago back when you were saying the pledge of allegiance in public school with the rest of the robots.
    Emo, punk, hip hop, preppy, ambercrombie frat-boy, metrosexual, whatever. it’s all the same. We’re all the same. get over it.

  41. Sanna said

    Alright, but who did decide you’re just allowed to feel bad if you’re poor or sick? Or if someone you know died or.. well.You probably get what I mean. There are many kinds of pain and unhappiness. And as we all know, money will by itself not make you happy. What YOU might not think or consider a problem, may be just that to someone else. The point is that we all have the right to feel. And if you see people looking “emo” as just some way to get seen.. well. There you have it. Some of them want to be seen, noticed. And why? Well. That varies from individual to individual. Dig deeper before you condemn.

    And it’s not strange people feel bad. Cause our society is built on the wrong terms and principles and it was just a question of time before people were going to feel bad beacause of it.

  42. yoshuah said

    wuzz up, am from jalisco in mexico, i don´t know much about Emos but something i know is that they look fuking gay, i don´t know how are they so comfortable with those clothes so freaking thight, and i think all they are trying to do just call atention, by the way why do they feel so satified by feeling sad, that´s the stupiest thing i ever heard, well they are the one´s hurting them selves anyway, i´ll just tell them to be care full because here in mexico has had been several murders of Emos, because of way of thinking and feminism, that why there kind courts here in mexico arguing about, respecting emos, because cholos, phunks, ghotics, and other groups wanted, and did kick their asses, and actually the did, and kill some, and that´s why the police is protecting them, which i think is pretty gay ´cause they can´t defend them selves, actually i saw one metal guy in the news saying, if they want to pre-exist, they´ll have to defend their selves, to keep their culture alive, but we´ll see if they can. but like i said, BE CAREFULL

  43. YOSHUAH said


  44. aa1283 said

    maybe you look “gay” to them. be careful about what? if they want attention, why do you give it to them? no one should be “kicking their asses”…and to say that the onus is on a bunch of teenagers to protect themselves from KILLERS, is crazy. They shouldn’t have to defend themselves from anyone, they aren’t infringing on anyone’s rights. The point of the post is to expose a failing of society as a whole. if society would give its vulnerable members, such as that of its youth, the proper attention before their transformation to “emo-hood’ –instead of waiting for someone to fall before we look their way, and even then only to condemn, point and laugh– then perhaps there would be no need to redirect society’s energies into protecting them after the fact. get your priorities straight. i’m sure mexico has more important and deep-rooted social problems to deal with. But the vision of people such as yourself extends only so far as the tip of the nose.

  45. Kerri said

    I am not emo, but I understand. Or, well, try too, Haha. I think emos just think a bit differently (That’s not being offensive, I hope.). Maybe they just look at things with deeper insight than us “regular people” do. So, that makes them “suicidal” at times. I’m perfectly fine with the emos. We are all people, and we all have different peronallities. But I don’t understand why people always make the emos “stick out”… Well, I wouldn’t say stick out, but make them different from anybody else. Like they label emos as “Weird people”. I don’t find them weird, it’s just their personality. We are probably weird to them too, Haha. If their personality is emo, well, then your emo.

    This, coming from a non-emo, could be all wrong, Haha. This is just the way I look at it. I don’t judje people on how their personalities are. I don’t have any friends whom are emo. I wouldn’t mind having one. I don’t care if they’re emo, punk, or whatever – We’re all people. :)

    And to the emo people on here right now — Hi. :D

    And to the non-emos — Hi. :D

    I just love everybody, Haha. :)

  46. shofisXMuNieCaX said

    ay yo noc xk putas ls molestan si es su vida y si ellos kieren ser emos, punk o lo k sea no ls importa y a si pro si s reguetonero ay si no le dcn nada va xk ellos no acn cosas malas va wenu io solo digo!! y pa ls emos punkeros y rockeros k no ls import vivan cm kieran vivir!! XD!!

  47. charlie said


  48. Kamo said

    Dudes….u gotsa eave emos alone!!! Theyre cool ppl who have the right to be who ever they wanna be, no matter how different they are from ur ideals. They are ppl just like us that feel, eat, breathe, and think..they might think in a different way but in the end we all still are the same. I really dont see why u all hate emos soo much, is not like theyve done somethin 2 u or anythin. I am not an emo but i do hav emo friends and they are friggin COOL people. I live in cuba and the majority of the teenagers here dress, look, and listen 2 emop music but are still very HAPPY people that party a lot and drink and hav fun. I personally dress like em some times and i luv listenin 2 the music they listen 2. LEAVE EMOS ALONE…THEY ARE PPL, and if they r gay or not is their fuckin problem..not urs, and i dont think they will fall in love or somethin with u so chillax and learn to accept emos!!

    PAXE!! Kamo

  49. eziekiel said

    No one’s gonna learn from this but ah well.
    EVERYBODY QUIT YOUR BITCHING! I quote from Muppets in Manhattan on this, “Peoples is peoples” (Must be said with thick funny accent.) I know some cool emos and some I wouldn’t mind punching (and have) in the face. I can also say this about every other single stereotype I know. Heck, I’ve been called most of them. Is like jesus say, “Love one another” (Suprisingly, or not, it makes more sense while zonked (meditationally or chemically wasted.) If you cant manage that then stay away from one another or look the other way when you see them. Go for the blow if they do something to warrant it, picking a fight, insulting family or friends, et cetera.
    But seriously everybody quit their bitching, especially when it ain’t solving anything! It really seems to be what pisses of the emo haters, emos bitching nonstop over the facts of life. The haters then commence with bitching about it and piss off the emos.
    Besides, the youth is suppose to be counter-culture and form their own culture (if your not anti-everything by 20 you have no soul. If your not mainstream by 30 you have no life (future).)
    If you so called emo haters (really being emos in your own right (counter-culturing the counter-culture)) really want to do something to get rid of the emos then be nice to them, if they have nothing to be emo about they wont be able to be emo anymore. But this will simply create another counter culture, c’est la vie et le Tao.
    *to self:wonder how many people will yell at this, probably only 20 people will actually read it, 15 to pay attention, 10 to understand, and maybe 5 to act upon it… so probably no one will get it, so everyone will yell at this and 91% will yell at me… joy*
    **to everyone not self: i am white, teenage, catholic, straight, and straight edge. basic stereotypical antithesis to emos. and most of my friends would be classified as emos. learn the person before you sock them in the face, if they deserve it go for the throat too!”**
    ***to the guy above me: if your gonna use english, use it properly.***

  50. Gemma said

    you all suck!
    emos rule,, get over yourself. just leave us alone and weel leave you alone. its not like were harming you!
    and this article is just a load of rubbish… what with the picture?? reebok sneakers suck.
    they wear hurley, converse and vans and girls wear flats so irt,, get your facts right!

  51. emo girl said

    ce aveti ma impotriva la emo?????sunt persoane mai sensibile sh kre au adoptat un alt stil de viata…ha ha ha …sau poate sunteti invidiosi?????atunci inteleg…orikum: emo kids arata mult mai cool k orikere normal kid dp drum >:) >:)

  52. Alex said

    You people are morons, emo has nothing to do with tight jeans or long fringes or My Chemical Romance, if you are going to pay something out make sure you at least know what you’re talking about.

  53. helloppl! said

    emos r HOTT!!!!

  54. boe said

    emo’s are sexy, i like them
    in Mexico the most people hate emo’s but
    here in the netherlands nobody knows what
    emo are =)

  55. xBillytalent225x said

    Wow, you all are retarded….seriously, both sides, you’re fucking stupid. Emo’s, if you weren’t so bitchy, you would ignore it, because there is no point in trying to counter anyones attacks at your way of life over the internet. Futhermore, all you emo haters, i’d like to see you get off your god damned asses and say this to a group of emo’s standing in front of you. No? Too much of a damned pussy? That’s what i thought, go back and fap to Happy Gilmore and listen to the same old Iron Maiden shit over and over again. Leave each other the fuck alone, it’s getting really annoying. I have nothing against emo’s at all, people are free to be who they want to be. However i do have a problem with all the assholes just bashing on random lifestyles because they feel like it, get over yourselves you pompous dick weeds.

  56. ojcomputer said

    Can we delete this post already? PLEASE.
    You people need to relax. This is a freakin’ blog. Recognize sarcasm when you read it.

  57. la said

    why did u bother reading doun the page this far…

    … oh and EMOs RULE…

  58. ayhtiasnoa said

    The reason some dislike emos so much must be that they once fell for one. Then they found out he’s a she or vice versa! Sometimes, you just can’t tell them apart.

    NAT MAIJ PRABLEM, most don’t even look that good. Why is it that mostly ugly girls & boys embrace emo/goth-styles? They lack the looks but still want to get attention? Sure thing, an ugly person looks better to most as a goth than “normal”.
    Lucky me, born beautiful, and my dark-elite-gothness multiplies it even further!

  59. _COB_ said

    well well, emo are, sluts, whores, bitches, and dicks, sorry for my language idiot emos but u have to understand it, well listen dicks and whores, if u hate ur lives then go die and give space in this world, cuz there are too many other (new born) and tallented ppl waitin in the line,( to live ), again, you whores and bitches and dicks….. what? you write poems? about what!? you scams? oh! yea iv forgotten you hate your life?…oh ur dady is not giving you a million dollar per day, or ah! your not the richest person in this world?…tse’ tse’. poor you…go die, listen to me go die….cuz as long as you’r alive, your wasting what beethoven played of sad (emotional) music, and your wasting the real meaning of sadness, you whores and dicks guys and lesbians? tell me can u count 1+1, or you’r shitty pussy-like replies? …or ur a peaceful dicks? go die again..

    iv read some of many emo ppl, fuck theyr ‘PATHETIC”, right about something really sad…hehe not like some girl she was writing about ‘sex abuse’…oh! huh! fuck…..she agreed to have sex then she regret it and now..oh gOd, shes so sad cuz she had sex by her own will, oh i wonder she hates her ‘own will’….or she created her ‘own will’ just to hate something special, cuz i wonder, your just tryin ‘PATHETiCLy’ to attract attention, but ur only gettin ‘kids’ toward your sides and couple of punches :), go die :)

    no really why dont u gather up from all arround the world and commit suicide at once :)? it wud be a great day of celebrating ’emo’s death’

    emos are simply:

    sluts and dicks
    most of them gays and lesbos
    hate cuz the water is composed of H2O
    hate cuz 1+1=2
    poor ‘(kids)’ have enough money to buy make up, and black wall painting and hair styling stuff(mentioned before) WHILE people are dying in this big world, some of them right, meaningful poems about life, and some of them are strugglin to live, like i kno some african guy told me one (suffering and smiling)
    poor dicks when they have nothing to hate they create their own imaginary thing to hate…
    stupid and pathetic emo bands

    _COB_ wit a smile :)
    go die, you who have wasted the many meanings of emotions :)

  60. tom said

    don’t you have anything better to do than hate emo’s if you really hate the just kill yourself the world is full of it

  61. zury nayleth said


  62. jesus said

    ok, im confused, how is mcr emo? REAL EMOS listen to bands Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Anti-Flag, Alesana, Senses Fail, etc, etc

  63. Joshhh said

    Okay, some of you are like im soooo emo blahblah and some of you are like FUCK EMOS blah blah, why do either of you care, you’re all off subject for this post, and honestly you’re an angry fuck of a person if you hate emo kids cause they chill in the corners of your schools cutting themselves and writting poems, im not emo, and honestly i rather would be emo than some dick who hates emos but il get to the point, whyy do you care in the first place, emos if you hate yourselves so much then why do you waste your time talking. if you really hated yourself you just.. wouldnt waste your time blogging. and emo haters, if you really hated emos you wouldnt bother them, you’d want to be away from them… im sensing that the kids that hate emos are the types of kids who didnt get grouped into a social class when they got into highschool, and they’re jealous of emos for fitting in with other emos, both of you need to chillaxe and get over it. smoke some pot, and besides.. emo chicks are hot anyways.

  64. chicken scabs said

    anti-flag isnt emo you friggin moron its political punk rock(mind you a bad punk band)

  65. chicken scabs said

    as for hating emos if i see an emo in the street ill go push him around make him feel shitty and hopefully he’ll kill himself, one less emo in the world. the music is awful the style is awful and the boys look like girls, damn cry babies. cut ur damn gay hair, stop jerking off to pictures of your sisters and get real.

    your hated on because you love being hated on, its drives you its what makes you all feel like victims and you LOVE that, you crave it its what you little losers wake up in the morning for.

    . i am ashamed that such a pathetic breed of human beings formed from the infected loins of my beloved punk rock. you should all be drowned in the razor blades you love so much

    i for one think emos are scum and should be beat down whenever spotted. i am openly hostile towards you little wimps and will always be that way, now that i read all this crap im gunna smash the face in of the next emo i see.

    my mohawk will always be more badass then your gay little flippy hair thing and my combats will always find an emos crotch to smash

    PUNKS NOT DEAD but emo should be…

  66. Jesus said

    I’ve never actually met an “emo” kid that tried to kill him/herself. ever. I really hate that fucking stereotype that we all go cut our wrists. it’s the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. same for the poetry, its not like only “emo” kids write poetry, and its not like all of them do, very few of us actually do. as for the hanging out in corners and shit, its because WE HATE YOU “NORMAL” FUCKING PEOPLE THAT RAG ON US FOR EVERYTHING WE DO. although, unless we’re getting antagonized by u ass holes, “emo” kids are actually fucking happy (or stoned. a lot of us get baked all the time.). And what’s wrong with my hair? you don’t like my stupid long anime hair? and my clothes? you hate my men’s pea-coat and my tight pants? o well. I fucking hate your stupid collared shirts and your ghetto ass baggy pants. but yet they’re still fucking around. that’s really the only reason we are the way we are, because we fucking hate normal people.

    also, how is the music I listen to shitty? you don’t like the screaming? or is it the way they dress too?

    and for that guy that said anti flag isn’t “emo”, what would you call these guys?

    notice the tight clothes, the spike belt, etc etc…

    either way, “emo” is are going to fucking take over, and you know it.

  67. space said

    just the fact that you hate us is gratifying. we love pissing people off. also, good post Jesus. (lulz)

  68. chicken scabs said

    ghetto ass baggy pants? haha im a punk rocker not a fucking “G”. as for anti-flags music its political based punk rock, they say so themselves read a fucking interview you damn idiot. and for normal people? who the fuck is normal? no one get a clue.

    yeah i hate your faggot ass hair and your girly style of dress this is why i beat the shit out of emos and like it, i get a kick out of it when they curl up into a little ball and cry like a girl instead of throwing a punch. i notice alot of emos gettin a kick out of boys kissing boys and sayin its not homosexual, faggots in denile or faggots who havent realized it yet.

    just a bunch of little bitches thats all, little crying pussies.. is that a dick between your legs? no? oh i didnt think so.. your over use of eye makeup makes you look like a gothic reject. only thing im glad about is your pants are so tight you wont be able to reproduce..

    “space said
    January 30, 2009 @ 4:30 pm

    just the fact that you hate us is gratifying. we love pissing people off. also, good post Jesus. (lulz)”

    you love pissing people off? then why do you hide and act scared all the time, didnt take your valium today? you dont have the balls to piss someone off you little retard lol.

    also as i already stated i know you find it gratifying, thats why i send your ass home covered in blood lol, its not so gratifying when your nursing a broken nose and bruised ribs haha.

    but no seriously, i give you credit for trying to be original and attempting to be an individual by hopping on the emo bandwagon. yup being the same as every other emo out there is originality.

    you know repetitive lame music that is nothing but a cheap rip off of the last gay emo song some other lame band wrote. but hell your so “different” and “misunderstood” haha

    anyways, i got beer waiting for me take it easy mr. original try not to get beat up.


  69. chicken scabs said

    oh i almost forgot your comment on spiked belt tight clothes all shit you assholes ripped off from punk rock

  70. one eye open said

    Yeah, that’s right… no matter how much you hate emo’s it’s going to take over the urban population, just like punks and goths did… we love emo songs, tight clothing and long anime hair, but who gives a shit about that anyway?

    if you don’t like a program on television you don’t scream or fuck about it, you change the channel… is that so hard to do in real life?

    I’m with every emo lover in this thread… <3

  71. Inspector Banana said

    Oh, this is rather pathetic. Are you seriously arguing over whether emos should be beat up? If you going to hurt someone based on something as ridiculous and insignificant as the stereotype that society has to put them into, then you’re obviously a complete and utter asshole.

  72. Emo said

    What the heck is wrong with emos? We’re all people too. Take me, for instance. Looking down at my arm, I have 10, no, 11 cuts there right now. It’s just a habit. OK, admittedly it might be a little bit morbid, but it might as well just be some other typical habit – twisting your hair, biting your nails, reading blogs with lots of comments about emo people.

    So I’m depressed. So I’ve tried to kill myself 3 times, to date. So I hate myself, life, and other people. Big deal! What’s to say the personality of an emo is more annoying than that of a super duper optimist, or one of those people who has to complain about stupid little things, or people who do crazy stunts for the heck of it.

    To whoever said this, we do NOT crave other people hating us. Whether it’s true or not – who knows – everyone DOES hate us, so we’re just used to it, like you get used to the old person smell of your grandma after time. Might as well be something you see every day – a pencil?

    What is WITH you people who think that emos have our own little fashion group???!!! Admittedly, most of us do tend to wear the same sort of thing, but it’s not because we go to Kohl’s and shop in the “emo clothes section.” We just have similar tastes.

    Yes, we do all love emo music. Even non-emos love emo music. EVERYBODY loves emo music! So putting that aside…….

    I hope this makes you all think. Emos are people too. There’s nothing wrong with our self-mutilating tendencies. Thank you for reading.

    Now, I think my brother just stole my razor, so I’ve got to go.

  73. chicken scabs said

    i cant even hate on you faggots today..

  74. chicken scabs said

    Emo is that satire? or are you actually fucking serious?

  75. isaaaaa said

    i understand you guyssss

  76. hauntedsoul said

    fuck all you haters you ppl don’t know what we go through everyday of our lives you guys are assholes so fuck u all!!!!!!!

  77. hauntedsoul said

    and I am not mexican like WTF I’m a canadian there is no Mexican ducking emos

  78. psycho said

    y hate on emo ppl? if anything hate urself 4 judging others u don’t know.

    EMO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  79. SpL!tT3r66 said

    I am a mix of emo, goth, Prep, and jock. I am mostly emo though and i very happy with everything the way it is. Not all emos cut theirselves. They all đồng listen to the same music. Like me i listen to avenged sevenfold slipknot mudvayne kerli sia tokio hotel (btw Bill is soo cuute!) and tracy chapman travis tritt marilyn manson cradle of filth tom petty sonny and cher and more. So see we dont all listen to the same music. Another thing, the reason most emos committ suicide is because of all the people telling them that they are löw lives stupid or gay or a homo. That shit is messed up. I dont like being called that and when i do i want to hurt myself but i dont because of all the things in life i have ahead of me. If you ever saw me you would never think i would comitt suicide. But i almost did And happy i didnt because a couple days later i got the girlfriend of my dreams. Emo is just like any other stereotype just darker. Compared to the prela i think id rather stay with emo so there will have some friends you can talk to and not worry about some blonde chick shooting a line in a party and l
    Passing out. So yeah. To me all are the same i can get among with everyone and everything and so can all of you. (ps about the makeup thing, at least we dont cake it on like women)

  80. chicken scabs said

    heh fucking faggots, lame ass emo bitches haha. back in the 90’s when emo was underground that was cool cuz i didnt have to see you fucking losers everywhere i looked. but now? now? fucking everywhere like AIDS.. thats right emo is social AIDS go terminal already and die for fucks sake.

    your stupid teenage angsts dont mean a god damn thing get real already fucking losers

  81. who-says-emo-is-easy said

    ok so you think that emo people are stupid but do you know why we do what we do

  82. who-says-emo-is-easy said

    its because of fucking assholes like you judging us how bout you go to fucking hell

  83. whatthehellisEMO said

    YAY Emo’s cut yourselves! Awesome!

  84. louise said


    I’m 14 and I guess i have a normal life.my mates my family and so what i listen to rock music and wear converse and vans. OH GOD EMO ALERT!! thats what all you haters are thinking isnt it?? so just read on and please think

    okayy first of all emo’s do feel. so you know people who are offending them just stop and think how your making them feel. Don’t say that they self loath when people really do have problems just like me and you and dont be pathetic and say there not normal, so what they have an individual style were they dont follow other people like sheep they dont listen to the latest “bars spit by an mc” so that makes them not human? i think your wrong. I Don’t Believe in sterio typing and to be honest i think it sucks because your grouping people who dont want to be grouped. Don’t judje them just because they look different to you or listen to different music. there not scum either [whoever called them scum of the earth i cant be bothered to look right now]. scum are the rapists and drug dealers and prostitutes who walk round and have nothing better to do then wreck peoples lives. im not an emo myself but i just think would i like to be stereotyped as scum? would i like to have abuse hearld at me by complete strangers? would i like to be publicly humiliated on the net?

    i think you should think that aswell before you start classing your self as emo haters. people have feelings you know and it does hurt.

  85. jasmine said

    theres nothing wrong with emos. i’m emo. yeah and so what what r u going to do about it. eveyone who dosen’t like emos should grow up and get a life i live with a chav (my brother) and hes cool with me being emo. wankers

  86. Peter:D said

    Emos suck dick. And for real the ones that should grow up is you bounch of douchebags that the only thing you do is bother people that actually have a real life. You are all going to hell and i’ll be laughing at you:D jaja.
    And yes i am an emo hater:D and i love being one:D. So could you start being real and quit being such a little pussys

  87. SpL!tT3r66 said

    I take back everything I said. I jus let them do what they want to do and not let them bother me.

  88. mira loise s.hernandez said

    mira ang

  89. brenda vega said

    emos preps goth skaters watever…we are all bitchy people

  90. Hannah said

    ok..WHAT THE FUCK!? everybody is like making out that emos are these sorta depressing, self harming bisexual freak who have black hair and tight clothes, FOR FUCK SAKES! it’s NOTHING like that! it’s just people who like the sence on style and music THATS ALL, learn it!

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