What is up with the popo

The NYT reported earlier that a couple from Queens, NY, were accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl and forcing her into prostitution. The couple, Zalika Brown and detective Wayne Taylor of the NYPD, ran a prostitution ring that involved several women who would hit and kick the young girl because she wasn’t bringing in enough money.

Police brutality is nothing new. Beating up minorities, wrongful deaths, and the planting of evidence is something we hear about all the time. But this is a new low in the history of American law enforcement. It also begs the all too relevant question: If civilian law enforcement agents can behave this way, why are we shocked when we hear about Abu Ghraib and Haditha?


  1. ojcomputer said

    no no no.
    “Zalika Brown”
    If the perpetrator is a minority too, it doesn’t count as police brutality…

    These are my gripes on the whole thing:
    1) Why the hell are they forcing someone into prostitution?
    2) WHY the hell are they forcing a 13 year old into prostitution?
    3) WHO THE HELL IS PAYING TO HAVE SEX WITH A 13 year old????

    On second thought, you think they’re hiring male prostitutes? I’m kinda looking for a job at the moment…. nevermind, I’m probably too old.

  2. halalmeat said

    I don’t know if they are hiring unless you want to serve the jailhouse community. However, here is another article about rich sugar mamas looking for some young male companions.

  3. thefossil said

    I’m sure you can find a gig in and around the Village.

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