Britney Spears may convert to Islam


First, I apologize for posting such a ridiculous news item, but this has been rumored for a while so this had to be posted eventually. British paparrazi boss, Adnan Ghalib has been courting Britney for a bit now and there’s talk of marriage already. Britney has been quoted as saying “I love him…we’re taking care of each other. he’s the only one who understands me. Its serious.” Although principles of Islam, such as modesty and chastity, were not exhibited by Spears in the past, perhaps things will change should she step onto the rightly guided path. Maybe not.

Her potential lover, Mr. Ghalib, a notorious paparazzi boss, isn’t much of an example of Islam. He recently tried to sell nude photos of Britney to British tabloids and was disowned by his Muslim family because of “outrageous antics.”

Nevertheless, if this rumor becomes a reality, my hit song “Let Me Know the Prayer Time,” (which was premiered and retired on one memorable night to a sell out crowd at the Binghamton University MSA Banquet a few years ago) may actually have a place on her next CD. Imagine that.


  1. aa1283 said

    oh. my. God.

  2. halalmeat said

    Nice art work!
    Maybe you can photoshop her a sense of sanity and responsibility.

  3. thefossil said

    This is probably the most useful and significant news posted on this site so far.

    I am mortified at the response of muslims ridiculing her for coming around to the straight path. Its one thing to disparage muslims for acting stupidly. But clearly her motivation for coming to Islam is borne of a kind of psychological and existential desperation as much as it is for love.

    By love I mean the sexy time with a clearly very talented Pakistani gentleman. He is after all in charge of that circus.

  4. al-sattar said

    ahhh not in a chance in hell she will !

    she is a singer, a dancer, a pop singer looking like a hore & striper ! she has her life! i am fighting to be muslim in saudia arabia thats my life not hers!

    Fuck off Britney ! you cant cheat life cos ur a ugly white trash pop star! she needs a mental home fast! she got 2 sons no chance in hell they can if i cant.


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