Hamas’ Gaza Strip

The Palestinian residents of Gaza may have suffered more than the ones in the West Bank throughout the last two years. The Hamas-controlled government in Gaza may be sanctioned by much of the world and is labeled “Hostile” by Israel, while Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority of the West Bank has been invited to conferences and praised by the West. But the recent act of suffocation by Israel towards the Gaza Strip, and the border-breakout into Egypt forged by Hamas that followed, brought fresh new feelings in Gaza that Mr. Abbas’ PA has lacked. Gazans for the first time in a really long time tasted a bit a freedom and felt a sense a hope.

Both supporters and non-supporters of the militant-Islamic group in Gaza have been thanking Hamas for its brave audacious act of strength under a tremendous suffocation. After Hamas’ men brought down the border walls, Gazans flooded into Egypt to purchase basic necessities like medical supplies, food, and fuel to bring back to the sanctioned Gaza Strip. All while Israel was attempting to continue its “punishment” on the Gazans.


As over a hundred thousand Palestinians of Gaza charged past the border with Egypt in the last few days, Hamas officials made sure to position themselves along the border to bring order and grab control of the situation it has created for the suffering Palestinians. Hamas is now patrolling the border alongside Egyptian policemen on both sides of the porous border.


A day after the border was breached, Egypt attempted to reseal it and trap the Palestinians back into what they know as “the largest prison in the world.” However, Hamas became defiant again. Using a bulldozer this time, Hamas’ men brought down another section of the border wall and the Palestinians began to flood into Egypt for the second time.

The persistence of Hamas does not stop there. An article in The Australian titled, “‘Breakout into Israel’ ahead” on 26 June 2008, sites a senior Hamas official warning that “the next breakout from Gaza Strip could be into Israel, with 500,000 Palestinians attempting to marching towards the towns and villages from which they or their parents fled or were expelled 60 years ago.” Although this may seem a bit too hopeful for the organization that has vowed to bring down the Zionist state, their continuous success in the past two years have also come for a shock to many.

In 2006, Hamas’ victory of the Palestinian parliament came as a surprise, as well as its swift takeover of the Gaza Strip in June 2007. However, what is most shocking is its strength to continue its mission and not compromise their platform under the most extreme conditions.

Hamas may be sanctioned by much of the world while the West Bank’s Palestinian Authority has diplomatic relations with the West, but Hamas owns the hearts and minds of its own people; something Mr. Abbas has yet to figure out for himself.


-Ehab Z

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  1. halalmeat said

    Great article Ehab!
    The foreseeable problem is that in the days to come the debates in US media outlets will focus on terrorism and the free movement of militants across the now porous border simply because Hamas was involved. They will completely ignore the desperate humanitarian and the fact that Palestinians are living in “the largest prison in the world”

    I propose that Hamas, which has already captured the hearts of the people as evident by the last elections, reinvent itself so as not to undermine their nonviolent missions. They could perhaps hire a PR firm and change their name to something that contains the words democratic, liberation, defense force (it worked for the Irgun and Stern gang), etc.

    Of course this would also mean denouncing terror and focusing only on re-establishing diplomatic ties with the West, the real power brokers, and not spending too much time trying to court Arab countries whose leaders have long since abandoned the Palestinian people.

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